• At Checkout click on -  Add promo code/gift card
  • A field will be displayed for you to enter the unique promo code, enter the promo code and click apply

  • If you have been issued with a Hyperli Gift Voucher for an unredeemed voucher you can use the gift voucher and promo code[ If we're running one] at the same time
  • After you applied your code and there is a remaining balance, you can check this on the gift voucher tab of your account

A few things to know:

  • Promo codes are valid only once for the duration of the promotion on a single voucher per person unless stated otherwise in the fine print.

  • If a promo code has been redeemed and then a return is made on that item, you may not reuse the promo code

  • No refunds on promo code discounts

  • If a promo code has been applied to an order and the order is not complete, whether abandoned or pending, the promo code cannot be reapplied to a different order.